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Very cool new tool

Mark R, Nicos L
12th June 2013

We got a really early start tonight as I went straight there from the Lake District and Nicos wast doing anything anyway so we were underground before 6.
We had 4 full hours of digging which mainly involved wrestling with stubborn boards and inserting a new ring at the bottom of the shaft. The whole thing is quite a structure now and Nicos quickly learned the technique to successful shaft building! He even invented a revolutionary new tool for driving boards down without damaging the tops and without faffing with little bits of wood that inevitably break :)
We did lots of capping (as is the norm) and finished off hauling a shed load of large boulders out of the floor... Progress continues but we have now run out of wood, luckily the next delivery arrives tomorrow. After that, another trip to the scaffolding yard will be in order for more tube and some single clips.
5 hours sleep, 560 miles of driving and a days work and I'll be back again.
Great dig Nicos, thanks for the tireless enthusiasm!!