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Out with the old and in with the new

Mark W,  Mark R
9th June 2013

Last night was a stag do so we met at the very respectable hour of 1pm. There were just the two of us but we so launched into the digging. We spent a lot of time pulling out the old scaffolding and ha,,wrong our boards down. There was s frenzy of capping at one point where we dispatched 5 or 6 boulders and took the edges off another couple. After a short coffee break (mark had brought a flask of latte ooh err) we had a few iffy moments with large mobile boulders but before long we had all of the old scaffolding out!
Next trip will involve a bit more digging and another ring in, there was a big hole when we left, the next two rings will be nice and quick. All day there was a steady breeze blowing out of the floor and as soon as we get rid of the layer of mud that has fallen down there during the course of us digging the lovely refreshing breeze will be a pleasure to work in!
In other exciting dig news- Chris H recently became a platinum level shareholder and the 5th shareholder to contribute.  More wood this week!

Mark R