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New drill... Bloody brill

Mark R, Henry R
4th June 2013

Tonight was the exciting trial of the new Badger drill and an opportunity to move downwards carrying on from where we left off last week.
It was a steady dig involving the capping of half a dozen or so large boulders. We removed quite a bit of old scaffolding and hauled out a load of rubble to make space for the next ring. Towards the end of the evening it was starting to feel a bit exposed at the bottom so we inserted some new boards here and there and drove them down to hold back the walls of loose rock and mud. We left the dig almost ready for the next ring to go in, that should be sorted on Thursday without any problem and the next layer dug. After this ring it's about 1.5m to the bottom of the old scaffolding- just a few trips work..
The Badger Drill managed about 8 holes on one battery which is pretty good by any standards.. Very pleased with it!