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A much better night!

Mark R, Tim A, Mark W

After the Wednesday night disaster trip I was a tad nervous about this one going the same way but as I rounded surprise view corner at Millstone edge and was presented with the beautiful Hope Valley, the distant glow of sunshine settling over the Castleton area told me that tonight would be a much better night!

When I arrived, Tim was already there and as it turned out, he came bearing gifts- two new drill bits, an XL pair of gloves and a shareholding investment in the dig.. Brilliant! He had also been kind enough to bring along his drill for the evening. We left the field of campers and ventured underground knowing Mark would catch up when he arrived. There was a huge amount of water running at the bottom of the main shaft, it always seems to take a day or so for Rowter to catch up with the surface weather. Tim was down the dig and inspecting our handiwork straight away, he didn’t laugh.. or cry so I suppose he must have found it to be acceptable!

For a change I worked at the top and Tim was down the hole capping and pulling boulders and old scaffolding out. Eventually he got the new ring in and we were able to hammer the boards down to complete another ¾ of a metre or so. Mark and I busied ourselves at the top whilst Tim was building scaffolding and by the end of the night we had recovered a load of old scaff clips, extended the handrail into the wall and created a new stacking space that will also stabilise the bottom of the rubble slope and fixed the top edge of the dig with a ‘new’ reclaimed piece of scaff pole.

We even made it out in time for a couple of pints at the Cheese.. brill nights digging which made up for Wednesday.

Mark R