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Mark R, Mark K, Lizzie, Ben, Maddie, Luke, Chris H
27th May 2013

Everyone woke up feeling the last two days of digging but after a quick breakfast the cars were packed and we headed off in a 'business as usual' manner.

We were straight back into it where we left off, capping boulders and fixing scaffolding. The lower portion of the dig is now half the size of the upper and as the cave wall overhangs and changes angle, so the rectangular frame is slowly spiralling to follow it. There are a couple of particularly large boulders we have capped through, one of which has been boarded over but the other will probably be left part exposed... A sort of nice feature wall!

Chris took some photos which hopefully he will post on here when he gets round to it but from what I saw some came out really well.
Ben moved the false floor down a level as we installed another ring of scaffolding and hammered planks into place. It really is starting to look like quite a structure and I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out. There are one or two bits needing extra bits of board or scaffolding and we have to be careful to make sure the walls stay vertical but the new smaller shaft dimensions will help make this easier. I must remember to add a horizontal to the very top to support the upward protruding ends of the long boards :)
Everyone had a long drive home tonight, I'm sure we will all sleep well! Thanks to all involved over the last three days for all the help.
Now if anyone feels inspired enough after the long weekend to donate a few quid to the wood fund, Travis Perkins would be more than happy to see your money!