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Mark R, Mark K, Mark W, Chris H, Adam P, Maddie, Luke N, Ben
26th May 2013

Day two of the big dig weekend and we made good progress downwards. We had quite a lot of very solid boulder blasting to do, we have reduced the ginormous boulder at the to of the shaft to a thin sliver of Its former self.
The whole team was busy for most of the day, re building the steep rubble slope up into the abyss aven where we now have a nice kitchen area. Continuously capping the massive boulder and  removing old scaff took up a lot of time but by the end of the day we had another ring or two of scaffold in and a load of boards hammered down. The dig looks really blood at the moment, Mark W spent some time installing a new horizontal bit higher up and creating some convenient stacking space which will be good for those days when we have a small team.
On the way out most of the team started hauling the old plastic pipe out of the shaft whilst Mark W and I carried on blasting boulders. By the time we had finished smashing the big one the rest of the team had got half of the kit out of the shaft.
The day was much improved by the addition of a set of speakers and lots of drum and bass. At lunch we enjoyed the mellow tones of Mr Scruff, this was then followed by a period of classic dance tunes courtesy of the prodigy. Fast music definitely makes people dig faster!!
We made good dig progress, stabilised the slope, cleared a load of shite out of the mine, passively smoked half a packet of tobacco, enjoyed some good music and finished the day off with a good curry, some beer and of course, a G&T.

More of the same tomorrow.