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Chris, Luke, Mark K, Maddie, Lizzie, Adam, Ben, Mark R
25th May 2013

We awoke bleary eyed from an evenings excess to a clear bright day. There were loads of us today and we took full advantage of that straight from the off by stuffing a load of long planks and scaffolding in Luke's Big Rig. The farm was packed with campers when we arrived and we got the usual strange looks as we donned muddy clothes and waterproofs and shouldered our scaffolding. I had a quick chat with the lady at the farm about what we were doing down there, she told me about when Moose was digging in JH and how he used to go underground for the whole day on his own.
It took a while for us all to assemble at the dig, by which time the first few down had been digging for quite a bit. It took a long time to sort out the jumble of old scaffolding and very very large boulders and It took quite a bit of thinking to find a way of supporting the boulders whilst enabling us to remove the old supports but by the end of the day the hardest part was done.
The rest of the group spent most of the day clearing out the rest of the mine, including removing equipment from the old dig. The giant plastic pipes were broken up and taken to the foot of the shaft ready to be hauled out tomorrow. They also managed to build quite a good wall with old dig material on the slope up to the abyss aven and somewhere along the way we squeezed in a cup of tea and some lunch.
Tomorrow we have more of the same. Enlarging the old shaft is proving to be tricky but ultimately I think it is far quicker than digging it all from scratch.

A good day and more to come tomorrow.