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The hole just keeps on growing!

Chris H, Mark R
19th May 2013

Today was our third digging day in a row so we decided to keep it short given Chris has a long drive back to London and Im going again tomorrow! We were down the hole in good time and straight on with capping boulders and driving yesterday's planks further down. We also decided to shrink the overall size a bit and create what will become a handy platform by installing a new scaff pole and row of boards above a very large boulder which won't be moving...its hard to explain!
After this weekend, the dig has rapidly expanded into a rather large and quite impressive structure and the momentum isn't going to let up any time soon with more mid week trips planned for this week and a full three days next weekend... Better get buying some more wood!
On that note, I will be approaching badgers next weekend in an attempt to secure some financial contributions towards the digging fund- so far there are two shareholders and one of them is Mark W who donated some scaff clips but hasn't been since!
Good effort to all involved this weekend.