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Dig bang stack dig bang stack swear!

Mark,  Chris H, Joe R, Shane, Luke
19th May 2013

Another fine team for a Saturday dig. After the customary pork based breakfast we headed to Rowter with 20x 2.4m long scaff boards and some empty petzl transporter bags. Back at the dig we made steady downward progress pulling out mud and boulders, helped somewhat by the occasional bang or two to break up the boulders. Luke and I spent some time moving rubble from the various climbs down toward the dig to reduce the risk of boulders and pebbles landing on people during the descent. At the top of the dig another ring of scaffolding was inserted below the current sections with boards inserted behind to hold back the looser material. Everyone had a go a capping some of the bigger boulders and we have become well practiced at it.
Good progress has been made but as we descend it looks like work will be needed to take apart some of the older scaffolding to tidy things up and set us up for the continued descent.
On our exit we filled the petzl transporters with a huge tarpaulin which had been left in the underworld for some 20 odd years.
We return tomorrow, albeit as a somewhat reduced number of badgers, but dig we will!