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Boards, Bangs and Bmuddy Boulders

Mark R and Henry Rockliffe


I was lucky enough to benefit from some expert digging help from Henry Rockliffe last night. We took another couple of bundles of short timber boards down with us and a bag of scaff clips each. The materials stock is looking healthy at the moment but it soon goes. We will need to make sure we are well stocked up for the big bank holiday dig weekend.


Last week when I was digging with Nicos, we ended up leaving in a bit of a rush when we over-ran and shoved some scaffold and boards in place in a bit of a hurry. Consequently the first task of the evening was to put those bits right. This was fiddlier than expected and took quite a while. We also spent time on a long side, tweaking and adjusting bars and boards to get things as square as possible. we moved quite a bit of stuff around and blasted a few boulders in the process but three hours later the top of the dig was complete and all boarded up! next trip will require quite a lot of capping of a large calcited boulder.. that will be fun :)


Made it to the Cheshire Cheese for a pint and more caving talk.. great!


Loving it