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Scaffolding goes in!

Mark and Nicos
9th May 2013

With Nicos being on an off shift at the moment we managed to squeeze a bit of extra time in and got to the farm early for tonight's dig. Nicos had borrowed most of Lizzies caving kit for the trip and we both donned muddy old clothes for the evenings entertainment.
It was nice having Nicos along, we have shared lots of climbing adventures over the years and it was good to finally see him in a cave and enjoying himself! It turns out he had spent a lot of time doing not very much the last couple of days no was out to burn off some excess energy... Which he did. I couldn't stop him digging and throwing boulders around, the only rest he really had was when I got in there with the capping kit and even then I would turn round to find him sawing a scaffold tube or something!
We sank the floor by about a metre or so and arranged our new scaffolding frame which would form the top 'ring'. It took a bit of head scratching to get it just right and it wasn't immediately obvious how best to arrange the small details like exactly where to put the scaff clips to make life easier later on. Eventually we had things pretty vertical and horizontal with the aid of a handy scaffolders spirit level and inserted the first load of boards. We had just enough time to put the second ring in before having to leave in a rush after realising what time it was.
It was a great dig, loads of progress and proof that he system we are using and the materials we have sourced are just right for the job in hand.
Next trip will start with some minor adjustment of the lower ring to square up the boards and more downwards progress through large boulders and mud :)
Can't wait