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Capping and carrying...BANG BANG

Mark and Adam
2nd May 2013

I met Adam at the farm at 7 tonight and unloaded 20m worth of planks from the back of the car, along with drill, capping gear, long crowbar and  various other bits and bobs.
We strolled (laboured under the weight of all the gear) across the fields and after a very quick briefing in the double stop method of descent, Adam was off down the shaft. We arrived at the bottom and spent the next 10 minutes or so ferrying all the gear from the last two trips to the new dig site.
The first job is to enlarge and square off the top couple of metres of scaffold shaft. This involves removing a large number of big boulders from around the shaft top to get to the scaffold then blasting the edges off a couple of giant boulders before re-assembling the shaft.
We managed to move a lot by hand but there were 5 or 6 requiring capping. I was using a blowpipe to clear the holes before placing the caps, I found that they went down slightly better by doing this, it was made difficult by the use of the larger Hilti branded caps which are a tight fit in the 8mm hole. They required tapping home with the hammer and my pokey stick (poked through the capping mat...maybe overkill but after last weekend I was taking it steady)!
Several great bangs later and we were shifting the smashed boulders with ease.
Next trip there will be more of the same, capping and shifting to expose the top of the existing scaffold.... Can't wait!