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Pools and pipes the desire for a drier dig

Mark and Lizzie
Wednesday 3rd Oct 2012 (I think)

The Rowter dig has been suffering in recent times from an excess of water pooling at the end of the level along which we are digging. The stream from Hypothermia has long since been diverted away leaving only a small trickle of water to percolate into the dig. This trickle doesn't flow fast enough to wash clean the gravel floor so as a result, over the last year or so the end of the level has been gradually silting up allowing water to pool against the impermeable barrier of sloppy mud.

Lizzy and myself (I know that's the second spelling of her name but I still don't know which one is correct) went down on Wednesday to extend the water diversion pipe from Hypothermia and pull it back down into the dig. We pushed the hose as far along towards the choke as we could and turned the water back on in the hope that over the next few weeks, with the help of the lovely British summer time we may rinse the dig clean and benefit from a cleaner, ultimately drier dig.....

Watch this space.