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Cheese, BBQs and a near choking.

Mark, Joe, Adam and (new boy) Sam


A beautiful day in the north of England means only one thing to a badger.... Time for some digging!! As BBPC is well known for its environmental concerns, Adam and Joe headed over from liverpool together via approximately three shops and a high speed drive, while Sam opted for the train from Leeds. Fortunately Mark just happened to be hanging around the local train station and heading in the direction of Rowter..... Also at high speed


Mark and Sam arrived first so set off for the dig, with Adam and Joe shortly behind with the days supplies. Despite the recent rain (there's no drought 'tup north) we found Rowter and the dig incredibly dry..... Clearly the great buttery badger was smiling on us.


Task one was to install a pulley at the dig face to make managing the haul bucket easier, made possible by the placement of a spit which I think we'd all be most happy to hang off. Spit and pulley (half) installed we started the dig, with Joe and Mark at the face and Adam and Sam on the stack. Rapid progress was made, with Sam commenting frequently on the size of Adam's mound, particularly impressed by its girth and structural integrity.


Many many buckets later and it was time for lunch, kindly supplied by Adam from one of his many stops on the way over and consisting of finest sausage rolls, a good strong cheddar, a ripe Brie, half a pound of butter and some crackers. All washed down with some Yorkshire tea from the pot. A fine lunch, only spoilt by having to use the drum lid as a cheese board and Mark cutting the nose off the cheese (tut, really!!).


Lunch over it was back to work. Adam and Sam hammered the dig for some time, rapidly overtaking the pulley installed earlier and making good progress. Soon adam's cheese filled arms tired, so swapped out with Mark for the final push. As the buckets sailed by, our arms, legs, hearts and cholesterol levels started to become a worry, so we decided to head for the exit (Adam and Joe having come to this conclusion some time before Digger Mark and Stacker Sam).


A good days digging had brought us tantalisingly close to the choke, so we climbed the last 70m pitch in high spirits and headed back to Badger HQ for some good spirits and BBQ-ed meat.



Close, so very close.....