Dry stone Walls and frozen balls


Mark R, Chris A
Wednesday 8th Feb 2012


It was a very very cold but still night when Chris and I met at Rowter farm for our first Wednesday night dig in what seemed like ages.


The two of us got down the hole- grateful for the relative warmth of the underground! The funnel and pipe we had recently installed had been completely filled with sand and gravel, totally blocking it off and making it completely ineffectual. The water that it is designed to catch runs over a gravely slope before getting to the pipe and when we have a lot of rain (or now melt) it must collect all of this sediment and dump it into the funnel… we need a bigger pipe!


The proper dig was completely dry but covered with a gooey layer of silt. Chris was surprised how much progress had been made since he was last there but we looked at the dig and decided that it seemed like a bit of a mammoth task for just two of us. Instead we moved on to the phreatic dig and spent the evening moving rocks, creating more stacking space and trying to stabilise the slope above the dig a bit. We moved a fair bit of stuff and made another nice dry stone wall then turned round and headed out to the pub!



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