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Frozen fingers, late arrivals and big hoses


Mark.R, Joe.R, Luke.N, Adam.P - eventually


So it was, in a moment of sober stupidity, I had agreed to an afternoons digging in Rowter with my fellow badgers. Mark, Joe and Luke set off early as Mark was keen to try out a new route from Liverpool to Castleton via Sheffield, where as Adam took a more leisurely and direct route via a nice cafe.


On arrival Team A set off to explore/dig some of the less visited areas of Rowter. With the hoses off, digging at the new face moved forward quickly and identified some promising leads, with the advantage of not being underwater. Not long after Mr P arrived with gifts of digestive biscuits and swearing, a quick cup of tea and we were off to the main dig.


The dry weather and recent plumbing resulted in a dryer dig than last time. Adam and Mark were on the rope while Joe and Luke "bonded" in the dig. After many hundreds of suspiciously damp buckets were removed, we all gathered in the dig to inspect progress. We decided to get some more muck out, so Mark and Joe hit the face while Adam and Luke handled the drag bucket/piling. Good progress was made and many cameras damaged, though with the water level rising and our energy dissipating, we called it a day.


One last cup of tea and a play with Mark's big hose and we headed back up the 70m main pitch to freedom and a quick change on a cold January night. Another good effort from the team, much more to do!!

Adam P