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Return to Rowter- black space beckons

Adam P, Mark R
27th November 2011

After a drive around the north of England, Adam and I both separately arrived at Rowter farm only about ¾ of an hour apart…. not bad!

We sat around in the car for a bit sheltering from the hard, biting wind until we ran out of excuses and got changed. There were just 2 of us so we were a little unsure as to how much we would be able to do in the dig but decided that it had been far too long not to have a go.

The wind gave us great incentive to get down the hole quickly and we were soon at the dig face. It had been so long since I was there that I was a little surprised at how far along the dig was. I went down to the front of the dig and started to fill the drag buckets whilst Adam pulled them back along the passageway and stockpiled it all at the bottom of the shaft. We moved about a tonne or so until we reached a large boulder buried in the gravel with a scaff bar stuck beneath it. A few more buckets and the bar was out and the boulder was rolled onto the floor of the passageway into a highly irritating position… right in the bloody way! With the boulder removed we could see about another 8m+ down the passage over the top of the gravel, fast progress is so tantalisingly easy- we just need more bodies!

We made about a metre and a half or more of progress then started pulling the huge pile of spoil up to the half way ledge where we decided it will live forever.

We were pretty pleased with our progress and retreated to the Cheshire Cheese for beer and a Sunday Roast and plotted how to convince half a dozen Liverpool freshers that what they really wanted to do next Sunday was go digging down Rowter Hole!