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A weekend at the TSG




Mark R, Chris H, Adam P, Sarah N




A white knuckled drive back down from Fort William on Friday night left me feeling rather tired and a tad shakey as I lumbered into the hearty Oak at the end of my road, just in time to be presented with a pint of Moonshine!


Chris, Adam, Sarah and Liz had all come up for a weekend of Badger related fun. I retired to bed in the early hours of the morning and woke up on Saturday feeling pretty refreshed. We got ready and headed off to Rowter farm for some digging and a spot of photography. One other aim of the day was to have a good old poke around in the bits of Rowter that we have never really spent much time in. We got down there and had a bit of a clamber around up the handline that runs past hypothermia inlet in search of somewhere to take the first photo. On the way down we stopped at the top of the handline and snapped off a few pictures.




We got 40 or so buckets out of the dig which is now looking fantastic and set off up the shaft, stopping to take a load of unsuccessful photos on the way, this being the best of the bunch.


We ate at the Cheshire Cheese which on that particular night was the hottest place in the world and got back to the TSG via another pub in the village. A few Badgers had responded to the request for some caving photos to display at the Hidden Earth Conference in September so we sat around drinking beer, sorting photos and reminiscing about the last years trips.




Sundays write up can be found in 'trip reports'