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New ropes for Rowter


Chris A, Mark R



Chris and I met up after work and the pair of us got to the familiar surroundings of Rowter Farm camp site at around 2000. I had a big bag of rope and a hand bolting kit with me and our aim was to re- rig the in-situ ropes in the entrance shaft which had been there nearly a year now and install an additional bolt on the 3rd re-belay (which is currently a single, very wobbly hanger).


I shot down first and got started on the bolt whilst Chris wrestled with the old krabs and knots above me. By the time he cought up, i'd drilled the hole and showed him how to install a spit. we rigged on down to the bottom and had a look at the dig face. The recent Peak Expedition had done some work in there and the whole thing had moved on quite a way- very encouraging! There was a thin layer of silt over everything though which suggests that recent bad weather had found its way past our water diversion and into the dig !


We didn't have much time for digging so shuffled a few bits and bobs around and headed out- everything now ready for the weekend trip!