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Double Bucket


Mark W, Mark R, Robbie S, Gina M, Tim N

I went via Gina and Robbie’s house for a quick cuppa tonight and saw some of the photos Robbie took in Borneo after I left- keep an eye on his website for some tasters, they are fantastic!

We all got to the farm at 1930 and kitted up to go down the hole but had to wait a little for Tim who had recently put his harness through the washing machine… which seemed to have shrunk it....hmmmm!

It was nice having a big team back and as we all abseiled down the shaft the lack of noise from hypothermia confirmed what a dry time we have had recently. Robbie went down to the dig face, I pulled the drag bucket, Gina was in the middle guiding and lifting the buckets and Tim and Mark were up top hauling. We had our very nice, new bucket courtesy of Tim Gould which sped things up no end but the poor souls at the top now suffer as the digging is far quicker than hauling- we really need to get working on that bicycle winch.

We moved a good load of spoil and made another metre and a half of progress before calling it a night and heading to the pub. We met Bob Dearman, Dave and Clare and Katie and sat around in the Red lion talking caving and mines until past midnight.

Next week we plan to survey the dig and other key areas of interest and Mark is thinking of climbing into the roof of the main chamber to investigate the void up there- should be a good night, I can’t wait!