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Robbie's special ability...

Chris Adams, Mark Richardson, Robbie Shone
Wednesday 9th Feburary 2011



Mark and I set off from his after a quick and tasty meal to meet Robbie at Rowter farm but accidently forgot the 15m entrance rope so had to head back. After setting off a second time Mark remembered the foam mat he had promised Robbie to help in packing his 280 flash bulbs for the Mulu Project so we turned on our heels and went back to Mark’s a second time. After leaving for the 3rd time it was fair to say we were considerably late so phoned Robbie to inform him of our misdemeanours and rearranged to meet at the farm for the photo shoot at 7.30pm.



After getting changed in the howling wind and sideways rain we set off towards the entrance of Rowter with 2 flash guns, a Nikon D700 and my shiny new SRT kit! Upon approaching the fenced mouth of Rowter, Mark commented on how the short walk from the farm wearing his harness had caused him to ‘catch’ himself and had to rearrange a couple of times, which coincidently also happened to me too. Robbie denied this mishap had occurred to him but after a couple of quips regarding his ego, it was evident why this was the case as he admitted that “my ego is the reason your balls ache.”... an interesting revelation!


Robbie swiftly got to work with describing the process and arrangements to enable him to get the shot of Rowter main shaft then I was sent down the ropes with a daren drum containing flash gun and transceiver. I got to the bottom-but-one re-belay then hooked in and begun to assemble the flash gun as Mark, followed by Robbie, descended the ropes too. They stopped at the re-belay above me as Robbie set up his tripod and camera kit to the wall of the shaft and positioned Mark below him, then the task of making the photo Robbie had in mind was begun. Approximately an hour later and many high intensity flashes inches from our faces, Robbie exclaimed that he had exactly what he wanted so we set off out.



Back at the Olde Cheese in Castleton, Robbie displayed the goods he had captured down Rowter as we enjoyed a pint of farmers blonde and chatted until the barkeep ushered us out having already cleaned up and shut down the rest of the pub – a productive and enjoyable evening!



The result of Robbie’s efforts can be seen on his blog HERE.