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Rowter- a helping hand from the YSS


Mark R, Mark W, Robbie S, Chris A


Because I’ve left this so long, I’ll be brief!


We got down Rowter to find Keith Mason and Rich Rae from the YSS who had come down for a look around had helped us out by pulling 15 buckets! This of course meant that we could sit around for a bit before getting down to work. Chris went on the hauling rope, Mark was digging and Robbie was guiding and filling buckets.


I had a go at starting a second dam to divert the tiny trickle of water running down the walls but soon gave up to leave it for a dryer day and went down to help Chris. I was just in time because he was lying on his back exhausted between hauling buckets! The hauling was very hard work and relentless, the digging is now far, far faster than the hauling so it was a great relief to finally retire to the pub! 40-50 ish buckets out and the progress is becoming ever faster!