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Progress and poo stories


Mark R, Robbie S, Chris A, Callum Braithwaite, Richard Gerrish


Usual time, usual place, 2 new people. We changed in the biting wind and marched over the hill to the shaft where the 5 of us descended to the sound of only the smallest trickle of water emerging from Hypothermia passage.


I immediately went straight down to the dig face to start filling buckets in order to make the most of the extra labour we had with us. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the level completely dry! Determined to make the most of the dry spell, I crawled in as far as was comfortable and started scooping gravel out of the floor as fast as I could. Before long the drag bucket was employed with a length of rope and the floor kept on dropping at a fantastic rate. Rich and Robbie were hauling for the first half an hour or so and Chris and Callum were filling and guiding buckets up and down the shafts. At the half hour mark we swapped around a bit to allow Robbie to get some video of all elements of the dig and before we knew it 2100 had arrived and the shout for an early dash to the pub was raised.


I doubt very much that the Cheshire Cheese in Castleton has ever heard quite such a dazzling array of poo related stories than were told tonight!... it turns out that when pushed, nearly everyone has 1 or 2 very funny poo stories to share, I think I might suggest a special place for them on the website and start writing them down. My particular favourite was that of a certain BBPC member who shall remain nameless getting caught by a local pooing in a wash basin in China…. It’s a fantastic story that Robbie told very well!


We had a very successful (if short) dig with about 30 buckets in the space of just over an hour, progress down the level is remarkably quick when dry so lets hope for more dry weather to come. All in all a very good night, thanks to Rich and Callum for their help.