Buttered Badger Potholing Club
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Just keep hauling.... but look natural.


Mark R, Robbie S, Chris A, Mark W


Keep buggering on...


It was an absolute pleasure to get changed in temperatures above freezing and with only a gentle wind to worry about as we all got ready in the camping field at Rowter farm.


We walked across the foggy fields to the shaft and were soon down the hole and ready for action. I was on hauling duties and Chris and Mark were at the dig face filling the buckets. There had been enough water recently for them to use the hose to jet the gravel out of the floor, making it easy to scoop into the buckets.


Robbie was in full photo mode and contorted himself into a strange position just above the hauling point to take the picture that he didn’t manage on the last trip. Conveniently it took exactly the same amount of time to take the picture that it took to haul all of the buckets, so by the time we were ready for the pub, we had all of the heavy work had been done. Robbie was very upset that he hadn’t been able to help but ensured us that his arms were aching just as much after holding his camera up in the air for so long. See http://www.shonephotography.com/?p=1657 for the photographic results!


We got out after 40 or so buckets and went off to the Red Lion n Litton for a well deserved pint… and some profiteroles!



Mark R