Buttered Badger Potholing Club
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Wet flashes, massive loads and school boy errors

Adam “Lasts too long (on a pitch)” Parkes
Mark “Do my hands look big in this” Richardson
Robbie “Hold that pose” Shone


Simon “B” Blean – Nominated for the Excellent Timing Award 2011.

With the snow melted and the country no longer resembling an off white blur, it was time to continue our DIY project of choice in the Peaks. We agreed an early start was best to ensure we got the most done and were in the pub at a sensible time (before it shut) so decided to meet at 4pm. Demonstrating yet again our talents for punctuality, Adam arrived at 4:30 with Mark and Robbie bringing up the rear sometime after five.


With the weather against us (approximately -100 degrees C with 200mile/hr winds) we made quickly for the dig entrance then down to the face. In the spirit of equal work share, Adam made his way to the cutting face, Mark positioned himself by the winch ready to deal with the massive loads that would shortly be heading his way and Robbie set about the tricky task of submerging his flash gun in cave water.


The dream team then set about their assigned tasks, Adam filling bucket after bucket with rocks and mud, Mark heroically hauling these up to the stacking area, and Robbie fiddling with his aperture. After some time the Badgers grew weary and thoughts turned to a warm pub. The dig was closed down for the night and the three Badgers made for the 69m pitch which would take them home.


The first two Badgers exited without trouble (if a little slowly….. Adam) then turned to see Badger number three (unnamed to save face, though he did have a camera) approach the exit, demonstrating a perfect dismount, albeit only slightly ruined by having shoved his chest jammer firmly against the knot. Owing to weather we considered pushing him back down the pitch, covering the entrance and returning to free him in the Spring, however we decided that would just make a smell and Gina would ask too many questions, so freed the poor Badger and retreated to the car, at which moment Simon appeared, “Oh, have you finished?”


Enter Simon……… exit to pub………