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Digging, coughing, hauling and scoffing (and some interesting stats)

Robbie S, Gina M, Chris A, Mark R

A brief report as this was a brief trip- Robbie, Gina and I met at the farm at about 1500 and went down to start work deepening the floor of the level. I was hauling but feeling extremely unwell so after just a few buckets, when Chris arrived it was just in the nick of time. We took probably 25 buckets out before calling it a day and retreating to the surface via a flask of tea and some mince pies courtesy of Chris. I coughed my way out of the entrance shaft and narrowly avoided being sick on all those below me and we got changed in temperatures well, well below freezing and headed home- although it ended up being a quick trip, I was very glad Chris managed to make it all the way from Coxbench for it!

As this report is looking a bit thin I thought it may be interesting to point out that since the first look at the dig on 2nd Oct….

17 different people have been down to look at or help with the dig
15 trips- weekend or weekday have been organised
58 ‘caver trips’ have been made into the dig
I have prussicked a total of 1050m in the entrance shaft
….and we have the whole Christmas holiday ahead of us!