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Electron Ladders and Soggy Cameras- Rowter

Mark R, Mark W, Robbie S

Usual Wednesday night time and the three of us were down the hole pretty quickly. Robbie had brought his camera with the intention of taking some pictures (but not before a bit of work)!

We rigged a couple of ladders down the winzes and went straight to the dig face, Mark W. dug and passed the trays back to Robbie who filled the buckets and I hauled. We had probably an hour and a half at this then stopped at around 9:00 to take some photos. Robbie reversed himself as far as possible down the level we are digging and with his back pressed against the roof and his arms in a couple of inches of water was carefully passed his camera. Once set up, Mark W resumed his digging position just in front of Robbie’s camera in the water and filled a tray with gravel whilst trying not to splash the very expensive camera equipment in the very confined, wet space!

I didn’t hear any loud swearing so I assume the camera was OK and Robbie seemed reasonably pleased with perhaps one or two pictures. We sat around a little while admiring his new Peli case when the realisation dawned that we could be in the pub… and within about 45 minutes we were- where we stayed until quite late.

A good trip and nice to see Robbie back again after a period of illness.

Keep an eye out on Robbie’s website for any signs of the photos- http://www.shonephotography.com/

Mark R