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New faces and interesting places.. Rowter

Mark R, Glynn Roberts, Henry Rockliff, 'Ginger Steve'

Mark W had a very serious cold... illness, Robbie had badly hurt his back, Gina was stacked with work, Chris' car had broken down again and Adam had to stay late to stop a town from accidentally being flooded so it was a good job that Glynn had decided to come down tonight to lend a hand!

Glynn and I were down the hole for about 7:30 and immediately set about digging- Glynn filled the buckets and I hauled. after half an hour or so we were joined by Henry and Steve who were really there to have a look at some water worn leads the other side of the main shaft to where we were digging. never the less, they hung around for a little while and helped move some buckets around and had a bit of a chat with us before disappearing off to assess weather or not the 'new dig' had any potential as a project.

Glynn and I hauled away for another hour or so, making decent progress until we decided it was fast approaching pub time. Whilst Glynn headed out of the shaft, I popped down the rubble slope to where Henry and Steve had diverted the Hypothermia water using the pipes and airline that we took down the other week. The water was sinking away in both directions along the phreatic 'tube' and they were discussing the best way to make the dig safe, generate stacking space and also which direction to go- back in the direction of the shaft or away from the shaft and down into the floor. We played around with the water for a bit, letting it build up some pressure in the pipes before releasing it down the passages, it did make a very satisfying gurgling noise as it went and started to clear away some of the fines, leaving just stones to pick out. It's a bit of a gamble as to whether or not the fines are beig cleared or simply being washed into somewhere more inconvenient but as long as the water keeps disappearing, the prospect of finding something down there seems rather tantalising.

We all headed out rather quickly and down to the George to talk digging when Mark W and Ange joined us in time for a Guinness and wine.

We had made some good downwards progress and it was great to see the dig so dry- Henry's dam was doing its job, all in all a good couple of hours work.

Mark R