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The Rowter dam comes to life.. and some meshing is done

Mark R, Robbie S, Gina M, Henry R, Nicos Liaskos

Tonight we met at Rowter at 1900. Robbie had his camera for taking pics of the water diversion part of the dig and I had a battery drill, some steel cable, bolts, hangers, a roll of chicken wire to supplement the Maccaferri mesh and Nicos for meshing up the lowest wall behind the dig face. (see http://www.shonephotography.com/?p=1379 for dig photos).

We all got down the hole pretty quickly and Henry set about his dam straight away. Robbie faffed around with his camera for a bit and Gina helped out where she could with the water whilst holding flashes for Robbie.

Whilst the others were doing their thing, Nicos and I went down to the dig face to cut and install the mesh. This seemed pretty straight forward until the water diversion above us was temporarily moved to allow all of the water from Hypotehrmia passage down to the dig. Between the two of us (one holding a tackle bag to shelter the drill from the water) we got all the bolts in and got the mesh panel in place and mostly cabled up before the shout for the pub came at 21:15. upon exiting the dig, we found all of the water from Hypothermia being fed down a series of pipes from the dam, over the shaft and out of our way… there is now just a small trickle to divert but that can wait- we essentially seem to have a dry, stable-ish dig to work in. All in all a very good night for all involved… even Nicos said ‘it wasn’t too bad’!