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Mark W's Rowter dig - the water conundrum continues

Mark Wright, Robbie Shone, Mark Richardson, Jerry Clelford, Chris Adams, Henry Rockliffe.
3rd November 2010

Once again, I drove back from a city very, very far away and arrived slightly late at Rowter Farm to find the others half ready. We got dressed as quickly as possible, staying out of the wind and rain and all got down the hole at about 7:45.. ish.
The water was pouring out of Hypothermia passage again and last weeks sheeting had slipped down the wall, allowing most of the water to fall into the dig.
We faffed around for a while and got the new pulley and rope in place. Robbie and I hauled a few buckets whilst the rest contemplated how to build a dam to divert the water- the final verdict was that we could siphon the water away long enough to set some pipes in a concrete wall made with rapid set post-crete. Whatever we do we need to do it soon!
It was a slow job getting 6 of us out of the shaft but there was time to get down to the Cheese in Castleton to discuss tactics for the coming water diversion.

Nice to see so many people down there, just a shame that we couldn’t do anything really really useful!