Oman Sponsors

Sponsor Support - 2012 Oman Expedition

We'd like to say a big thank you to our trip sponsors. They're helping immensely with the procurement of necessary equipment through loans or donations for our trip to Oman which leaves at the end of March.


Mark Wright Training Ltd


Internationally respected, IRATA Trainer and Assessor Mark Wright, offers Irata Levels 1, 2, 3 and Revalidation courses at the excellent Magna Tower Training Centre, Rotherham. This quality training can lead to a career in Industrial Rope Access, a boom industry increasingly favoured as the safest and most effective method of access in many industry sectors. The high standard of training offered is recognised by major employers within the industry worldwide who consider Mark Wright Training Limited to be their preferred supplier of training and first port of call when recruiting.



Mark is himself a successful caver having been involved in exploration and expeditions around the world for the past two decades or more. MWT is providing all the climbing equipment, drills and bolts for the expedition.

Marlow Ropes Ltd


Marlow Ropes Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of technically innovative rope products using the very latest hi-tech and exotic man made fibres.
Marlow Ropes' reputation for quality and technical innovation continues in the 21st Century and the Company continues to forge a path of progress and growth in the markets in which it operates:

• Leisure Marine
• Defence & Special Forces
• Winching & wire rope replacement
• Arboriculture
• Fire & Rescue
• Work Safety & Industrial Access
• Cabling & Telecoms
• Film & Theatre Rigging

Marlow Ropes have generously donated 300m of their 9mm low stretch rope free of charge for us to use whilst out in Oman.


Ghar Parau Foundation

The Ghar Parau Committee manages an investment fund which was created with the proceeds of a number of successful expeditions to Iran in the 1970s and Borneo in the 1980s. Since then the fund has grown with careful management and the addition of donations from other expeditions. The purpose of the fund is to provide grant aid to assist caving expeditions from Britain to all parts of the world. In particular the Committee look for expeditions whose aims and methods include an element of innovative exploration or scientific study which distinguishes them from the typically sporting caving venture. In this context, scientific research does include systematic exploration backed up by the production of good cave surveys.


In particular the Committee looks favourably on small expeditions to new and distant limestone areas, planned in the spirit of true exploration. The Foundation makes a small number of awards each year (usually two or three) totalling some £1,200.

The GPF have kindly allocated £500 from this years budget to go towards our expedition.


Meggaflash Technologies Ltd

Meggaflash manufactures three main types of single use flashbulbs: PF330 Floodflash; PF200 Medium Peak; and PF300 Slow Peak. They also design and manufacture special flashbulbs for particular customer requirements.

Contrary to what many believe, flashbulbs are still being manufactured today! The flashbulb is now being put to many diverse uses: large / medium format photography; caving; high speed photography in destructive testing; explosion research; vehicle testing; aircraft engine testing; turbine testing and stage and film production, to name but a few.

Meggaflash have kindly given us one case each of PF300 and PF200 flashbulbs.


Speedy (Hire) Plc


Speedy (Hire) Plc is a leading provider of equipment and support services to construction, manufacturing, industrial, rail and related industries.

Since our foundation in 1977 we have grown to an approx £500m organisation with more than 100,000 customers, 4500 employees and a national network of 325 depots.

This makes us the ‘biggest’ in our sector and with scale comes resources and the ability to make things happen. But, our pride lies not in absolute size but in ‘leadership’ and being the ‘leading’ company in our sector is what motivates and drives our ambition.

We believe that our success has been based on sticking to simple principles; Understand our customers, provide imaginative service solutions that integrate with our customers' needs, adopt a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

Thereafter we try to keep it simple and do it well!
Customer First

We recognise that your needs can be complex and that ‘one size does not fit all’, so our service is completely flexible and can be very bespoke. From a one off requirement for a drill for a week to an emergency requirement of 5 mega Watt containerized sets to be delivered and installed the same day, Speedy will always be on hand to help. Our depot network is designed to provide the most effective fulfilment model with national coverage.

Our services are designed to offer you a practical solution to your every need. We recognise that our customers work in a diverse range of industry sectors which require a more sophisticated range of services and new standards of expertise.

Speedy has experience in working on projects varying from shopping centres to petro-chemical shutdowns and you'll find experts within our business that will work with you to understand the specific requirements of each and every project.


Thank you!

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