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Henry's fabulous chopper

TomTom,  Mark R

Just the two of us tonight, Henry Rockliff dropped off a pipe cutter as we were getting changed but had to leave so we walked up with relatively little to carry. We took two poles each from the surface and descended into the darkness.
First job was to get a ring in, Tom wanted to get some photos of this happening and managed to get some shots whilst we were working. Unfortunately most of the floor is back into sticky mud again, it's frustrating that just behind the boards is clean rock!
The ring went in but we followed the ring above and noticed that the bottom of the shaft is drifting off square, the all important double scaff clip won't be working too efficiently. The next ring will need the end of the pole moving 5 or 6 inches across to square things up again. We were also wondering about closing the shaft floor section down and having 3 sides to it....?
Before I forget we need a new 12mm drill bit, the last one was used as a pin somewhere and we could only find a 10mm and 14mm bit there.

Henry's big chopper was superb. It cuts through scaffold tube (clamped to the handrail) quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, a great tool and loads better than a hacksaw.
The only problem of the evening was having to constantly move bloody buckets out of the way. For some reason we now have 13 buckets down there, madness!!!! We will remove 8 of them at the weekend I think.
Tom took some photos of the shitty squeeze on the way out and we rushed to the pub only to find it closed- disaster!

Mark R