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60 boards

Mark W, Mark R, Tom Tom, Luke N
We had another excellent trip this evening. Mark Richardson, TomTom, Luke and me down the hole and Dan Hibberts providing surface support. He took his truck up to the hole with a 7' scaffold tube, grinder and drill and 60 x 1.8m boards, oh and Mark R and me, TomTom and Luke walked up and arrived at the same time as us. Dan did an excellent job of lowering everything down the shaft for us.

The boards were bundled in 4's and Dan sent 3 bundles down at a time. Apart from a slight mishap when the bundles ended up separating and straddling a re-belay loop we were soon at the dig face and wasted no time in getting the next set of 20 x boards slotted into the last ring and tapped into position. After clearing out the bottom of the shaft a bit more Mark R. capped the large boulder in the floor and used the hauling net we used down Rowter Hole to great effect in pulling out the debris. This is a brilliant tool and should be in every diggers arsenal of equipment.

We installed the next ring and brought the shaft back into plumb (it had wavered slightly) and tapped the boards into position ready for the Saturday shift.

10am on Saturday if anyone would like to join us.

We will be lowering more tubes down and could do with a few extra hands to pull out all the scrap metal and other junk that has been abandoned down there over the many years of digging attempts. We have Dan's truck to drive it all away from the entrance and weigh it in.

At about 5.5m we have hit a mix of clay and gravel in one side of the shaft and more sizeable boulders. We resorted to shovelling the gravel. The size we have made the shaft makes shovelling easy. Still noticing a slight draught as rocks are shifted from the bottom of the shaft.

Looking forward to Saturday.