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Dash for last orders

Dave Cowley, Bog Bergman, Jon and Sam Pemberton, Mark W

No luck with getting a photograph of the hat but to be honest it looks like a childrens' hat to me and probably not worth getting over excited about. I'll leave it to the experts though.

Dave Cowley, Bog Bergman, Jon and Sam Pemberton from the Eldon and me had another successful trip this evening. We didn't start counting buckets until 9pm but by 9.40pm we pulled out 100 buckets so probably about 150 buckets in total. We've been pulling out some quite sizeable boulders tonight and there are a few in the floor that will need capping before we can pull them out. Still occasionally draughting up through the floor of the shaft as rocks are shifted. We should have the next ring in place on Thursday and get the next set of 20 boards installed.

Only just made last orders in the Red Lion in Litton thanks to us running back to the cars. A good call by Dave.

Keep an eye out for Thursdays trip report.

Mark w