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20 second average

Chris H, Tom H, Mark R


Day two of Eldon Hole digging this weekend. After yesterday’s big hauling session Chris and I were feeling a little sore but still keen to go back down and get some more work done. We met at the civilised time of 11:00 and walked up with only one scaffold pole, three planks and three tackle bags between us. Tom Tom was suitably impressed by the progress since he was last there but there was no time for messing about... we began digging and hauling straight away to clear space for another ring. Yesterday we weren’t sure how many buckets we pulled out but guessed at around 300. We counted and timed today, we pulled out 80 buckets in 25 minutes. That’s about 30 buckets every 10 minutes, which averages out at one bucket every 20 seconds- filled, attached, hauled to the top, unclipped, carried to the spoil heap and returned to the top. We should probably revise yesterday’s estimate to something closer to 500!


Eventually we got the ring in and all boards hammered down, completing almost 2m of digging this weekend. We had to spend quite a bit of time backfilling behind the boards, it’s important that we keep packing spoil behind boards as we go to prevent any voids forming and giving material the chance to move. With that all done, we took some photos and packed up then headed to the pub for food and beer feeling very satisfied with this weekend’s efforts.