Did horses used to wear hats?

Chris H, Tim Webber, Claire Dunphy, Dan H, Bob Toogood, Paz Vale, A friend of Dans, two guys from MUSC sorry, I can't remember your names!

Chris and I arrived at 11:00 to an already busy carpark, we knew there would be a couple from SUSS/ MUSC joining us for some of the day but we're surprised to have such a large team- great stuff!
Whilst everyone was getting changed Dan managed to arrange vehicle access to the entrance for one trip with a big load of boards and scaffolding. This week will see us collecting stuff together and next Saturday it will all be taken up.
There were three routes rigged into the bottom of the hole which was good given how many of us there were. It only took a few minutes to have the music on and work began. For most of the day there were 7 of us, I had taken down the big hauling rope and gin wheel we used in Rowter and someone else had got hold of a couple more digging buckets and a hauling net. We had two people on the intermediate ledge hauling, two at the top removing buckets and tipping the spoil and three digging (yes, there is that much space). The buckets practically flew out, as fast as a bucket was hauled up, which was fast, an empty one was sent down but in the meantime a third was being filled. It worked like a dream and incredible progress was made. We all guessed at around 300 buckets for the day. We got the next ring in and dug another metre or so out of the floor beyond that to a point ready for more ring action.
We are thinking continue with big dimensions for now in the position we are in. The further into the rift you move the more clay you find.. Glacial fill which is not a great sign.

Oh yes- we did find some very big jawbones (horse?) and an extremely delicate brimmed leather hat!
Chris, TomTom and I may be back down tomorrow so will try and take some photos.


Mark R


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