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Another triangular ring

Paz Vale, Dan Hibberts, Sam Pemberton, Nigel Strong and Mark W

Paz Vale, Dan Hibberts, Sam Pemberton, Nigel Strong and me were at the dig site by about 11am today and made excellent progress downwards.

Rob and Katie Eavis joined us shortly after and did a Disto X survey of the whole cave including the current bottom of the dig and up into Damocles Rift, with the highest point being only about 6m from the surface.

Ann Soulsby, Roy Fellows, Alastair Gott and 1 other from the TSG (sorry I didn't catch your name) also popped down to give us a lending hand which was greatly appreciated.

By the end of the day we had installed the third triangular ring, knocked all the boards down and even got the next set of boards slotted into position. Unfortunately we were 8 boards short. The floor of the shaft is now at a depth of +/-3.8m and level with the squeeze that drops you into the awkward downward continuation. Tuesdays trip should be able to clear the base of the the shaft ready for the next ring to go in and cap the large boulder at the squeeze.

The section through the shaft is the same as ever but we did occasionally notice a good draft coming up through the rocks in the floor as we were digging. Very encouraging. It was cool and a bit misty when we went in and cloudy and warmish when we got out at 5pm.

We decided to keep the shaft in the same place for the next 1.8m and possibly step it in at the bottom of this section. That is of course assuming it doesn't go in the next 1.8m. I'm forever hopeful.