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A swift delivery

Claire Dunphy, Mark R

Claire had been in touch via Tony Seddon asking for someone in Derbyshire to go caving with having just moved temporarily to the area. What better way to introduce her to Derbyshire caving than a digging trip down Eldon Hole!

Adam had gayed off so it was just the two of us. I got there early and took four planks up to the entrance before Claire arrived. We got underground with 8 planks and the drill and capping gear pretty quickly and set about fitting the boards to the triangular shaft. A lot has changed since Thursday, the last trip pulled a huge amount of stuff out creating a really big digging space- excellent work.

Once the boards were done we capped the big boulder at the squeeze, then the one beneath it, tidied up and left.

Not long now and we will be needing another delivery of wood.


Mark R