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Triangular Shafting

Mark W, Tom Tom, Henry R, Mark R


With 4 diggers crying off tonight (Thursday) it left Mark Richardson, TomTom, Henry Rockliff and me to make 2 trips over to the entrance with 32 x 1.8m boards. Mark had left them out in the rain the previous night so they were quite heavy.

Once we had double Stopped our heavy loads down the shaft and manipulated them through the rather miserable squirm that leads to the Main Chamber we set about getting the next ring into position.

Due to the shape of the walls in the next section of passage there would need to be some very complicated bracing required to make the structure stable so we decided to step the shaft in a bit and continue as a triangular shaft. This will ensure we get the stainless pins that support the ends of the scaffold tubes at the right angle to provide most strength. Its also a lot cheeper to build a two sided shaft than a 3 sided one. We may well decide to step it down again in another 1.8m.

We installed the first 2 triangular rings and got all the boards in place ready for Sundays trip where we should be able to drop the shaft to -3.6m.

I think it was about 7pm when we set off down and it was warm and sunny. When peering over the handrail at the dig site, with nobody actually in the dig, I could definitely feel a cool draught on my face. At around 9.30pm I stuck my head through the awkward (currently) squeeze a little lower down and could feel no draught at all. When I was digging out rocks from the base of the shaft I'm sure I had a cool feeling on my face?

The section through the shaft is much the same as before but there have been more larger rocks coming out at this level. No horses or their riders yet.   

Keep an eye out for Sundays trip report.

Mark W