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Production value

Henry R, Ivor, Mark R, TomTom

Arriving at Eldon hole I was greeted by Ivor who had read about the dig on UKCaving and fancied joining in, an extra helper is always appreciated, especially with the steelwork we were due to be carrying down.

(Pre ladder)

Henry had been constructing a ladder which could be taken down in sections and rebuilt in the dig, this would save us the hassle of climbing ever slippier scaffolding above an ever deeper hole. Now two lengths of ladder aren’t exactly the easiest thing to descend diagonally with but at least it made a slightly different ding to that of scaffolding. Change the tune and all that.

Mark and myself were first to reach the dig face and we had a bit of a side mission to complete. I’d brought my GoPro and Mark a filming light, allowing us to stitch together quite possibly the most professional looking tour video you have ever seen. Now I don’t want to ruin this video for you so I’ll just post it below, no spoilers.

Once the filming was complete it was to the ladder construction. I’ve made the mistake of leaving this report for 24 hours so this may be a little more vague. Henry had been busy chopping up a ladder and predrilling it to be attached back together using 12mm steel plates. He’d even had the forethought to make sure the rungs were evenly placed when it went back together, removing that common dig issue where a ladders rung is never quite where you expect it.

The was some persuasion needed to get the ladder together, but this meant it was very solid once it was all bolted up. We carefully lowered it into place and bolted it to the scaffolding in the shaft at the far side of the dig, out of the way of the haul line. It doesn’t half feel solid, what luxury.

Our hard work was done and we are all set for a return to digging now, so watch this space!


(post ladder)

Eldon hole dig video tour



TomTom xxx