Building Work

Chris H, Luke N, Mark R

Luke arrived late- standard. In the meantime Chris and I had taken some scaffolding and tools underground and were busy away measuring and chopping scaffolding. we managed to get a new ring in, the first ring in the downwards direction since the diagonal shimmy in the shaft.

We didn't haul anything out but installed a new step in the diagonal section to backfill with spoil. After a quick skegg stop we swapped round and while Luke and Chris hammered and swore boards into position I installed some new scaffolding around the entrance portal into the diagonal bit and cut out one of the horizontal poles that was otherwise right in the way.

Recent slips behind the boards higher up do seem to have taken their toll. A closer inspection of the shaft showed that most rings have dropped but one in particular at the bottom has dropped quite some way. You can see the void behind the boards above it where spoil has shifted and knocked the frame down. I'm sure it will be fine though.

Throughout the day there was a definite fresh draught wafting out of the dig, which is good as we had a curry the night before.

I'm feeling good about the whole thing but I just can't help but think that this downwards progress may be short lived before more diagonal shenanigans is called for.

Mark R

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