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Not a sequined flare in sight...

Mark W, Mark S, Mark R

Mark Richardson and Mark Sims had a good day down Eldon Hole on Saturday and I joined them both today for another good session. We took another 2 tubes down with us today, in addition to the 8 and the bag of clips the other two had taken down yesterday.

First task was clearing out, once again, the bottom of the shaft with lots of bucket hauling by the other two. There weren't too many complaints about the weight of the bucket. I'm glad I was only filling them.

After yesterdays trip they reckoned we had lost the right wall which could have caused some problems but after a lot more work today we have found it again and everything is looking good. The dig face is now well over 2m horizontally from the bottom of the shaft and the 9 scaffold tubes above your head give you a lot more confidence when you're at the sharp end. We should soon be heading vertically down again. No spectacular draughts today just the usual occasional cool feeling on the face.

We are keen to get this project moving again on a regular basis after a long break.

Unfortunately after todays trip we have no scaffold tubes left and could do with a bag of Singles and a bag of Doubles.

TomTom was supposed to be joining us but he texted with his excuses when we were in the pub afterwards.
Apparently he had a puncture in one of his roller-skates?

Back in on Thursday evening if anyone would like to join us for some bucket hauling.