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Mark managed to convince me that it was time to re visit Eldon and make some progress with our horizontal problem. We needed some steel pins but it was the even of the trip and I realised they were all down Rowter Hole... Damn it! It's a good job we weren't meeting until 12:00 because it gave me time to pop down to the Rowter dig to collect them whilst at the same time testing out the trial rope again that Mark S and I had in JH a couple of weeks ago- it was still very much the same.

I got to Eldon with loads of time to spare so went down on my own for a while until mark caught up. After some tidying up and generally moving bits of board and scaffolding around Mark arrived and we did some head scratching. The next 3 or 4 hours involved gingerly removing boards, inserting tubes and drilling the odd pin. Excitement piqued when a monstrous rumble signalled a column of rubble the full height of the dig shaft dropping behind the boards. The ledge near the top is now about a foot lower than it was. Whoops!

We finished off with a good start on the horizontal digging and have Sussed out a system we think will now work. Watch this space.

Mark R