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Cap, Bang, Cap, Bang Cap, BANG!

Tom Tom, Mark R

The international jet setter Mr Wright texted at the last minute to say his flight had been delayed and he couldn’t make it. That left just me and Tom Tom.

We met at just before 6:30 and barely dawdled in the evening sunshine. All too soon we found ourselves back at the dig face and hauling rocks out of the floor. Tom hauled at the top and I dug and hauled from the bottom. We were warned that there would be some capping to do.. there was a LOT of capping!

We spent a long time basically mining through solid rock on the back wall to try and create some space for the next ring. I was surprised how hard the walls are cutting in at the bottom and reducing the available floor digging space. It was slightly demoralising frankly to be smashing through rock with cap after cap and standing on a compacted mud and rock floor!

It wasn’t until near the end of the evening trip that I pulled some rock out of the floor near the corner of the dig against the boards that we were confronted with some clean, loose packed rock with a nice gentle draught emanating. The only problem is it’s mostly behind the dig boards and not down in the floor below us. I wish we were a metre further back.

We hauled a lot of rock between us and eventually swore and hammered a two sided ring into the bottom of the shaft. The next team down will need ot insert 10 new boards and hammer home the bottom edge of the last set.

Just a note about boards- try not to hammer them down to the level of a ring before it’s installed, we keep having to hammer and lever boards back up to create space for the rings. Imagine how much space you might need- then double it and dig for another 2 hours!

All in all, hard work and we weren’t out until 11:30 but satisfying getting the ring in and glad there is still some loose packed rock to play with.. even if it’s only a tiny amount!

Mark R