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Stuck in the mud

Ben E, Chris H, Mark R

Had a good trip today, got another metre through thick sticky gooey crap but found some more big boulders on the way- lots and lots of capping required to make progress. At depth for another ring but the back mud wall still needs digging out to make space- a job for Tuesday. Had a close call with the bucket catching on a ring and spilling some rock- that conveyor matting would be really handy now. Also the bosuns chair for knocking boards down. Interestingly we found a bird skeleton at -8m (current depth from floor of main chamber) so the material is still 'recent' and not old fill as I was worrying the thick clay layer may have indicated. Used about 60 caps up and did a quick round just before we left so there is some rock to haul out on Tuesday as well as chopping the mud wall back.