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Approaching depth


Claire Dunphy, Paz Vale, Dan Hibberts and me were down again yesterday for about 5 hours and managed to get the next ring in place, all the boards knocked down into position and another metre of depth added. The shaft is now 9m deep or 10.3m from the survey station just below where the pulley is rigged. We are now pretty much at the same depth of the original EPC dig.

Whoever goes in next will need to take down some more tubes from the stock at the top of the entrance shaft and take down some more boards which are under the blue tarpaulin beside the wall at the car park. These will need drilling and a lanyard attaching to enable them to be carried down easily. There will certainly be some capping required at the dig face for the next team.

A comprehensive proposal was put forward at the recent DCA meeting and funding for the stabilisation of the entrance was approved and work will start on this soon. It is hoped that a large team will come along to support this important work. A notice will be posted on here giving plenty of notice of the dates this work will be carried out. There will be lots of boards and tubes to be taken up to the entrance and down the entrance shaft. Weather permitting, we should be able to get vehicular access to the entrance to make this task easier. We could also incorporate the replacement of the rigging bollards at the same time?

Mark w