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All gone a 'bit' wrong

Claire D, Mark R, TomTom

Well the British summer rapidly ended as rain began to fall as we parked up at Eldon farm. Luckily the rain ended just as we finished changing so that was nice of it. We unloaded the planks for future use and headed off to the hole with the drill and 4 million million tons of conveyor matting.

We got down fairly quick and I headed down to the dig face, quickly engaging full man mode by hammering boulders into pieces. Some of the bigger ones did require capping so whilst I did that the other two started to fit the matting down the dig which would stop the buckets catching on the scaff poles and causing rocky rainfall. One of the boulders seemed to resist the capping but eventually it did shatter.

The guys hauled out all the rocks with a few requiring the rock netting and we were ready for the new ring to go in. We measured up and cut the poles into shape and I lined up to drill the pins. This is where it all went wrong, the 12mm drill bit had vanished. We had a good look but there was nothing to show, we were stuck. This was a good excuse to pub though so every cloud.

Out of Eldon for 9:30, a new record, a smidge over 3hrs car to car. Pub was much apprieciated and made up for the lost drill bit, in future we'll probably just take one down every time, it's hardly a balast issue.

Not the most successful dig but at least the rocks are loose again. Until next time,

TomTom xxx
Pun apology.