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Loopty Loop

Mark R, TomTom

Whilst the morning was wind and hail central by the time it was dig o’clock the weather was back to being rather nice again. The weather did however mean that both Mark and myself had to abandon our cars at the limit of their momentum.

Tonights load was much more pleasant, just a tackle bag of scaff clips each. The descent is much quicker when a rendition of tubular bells isn’t required and we were soon at the dig once more. The first order of the day was to re-thread the pulley with a new rope, this required the juggling of washers whilst suspended over the shaft. Surprisingly not one was dropped.

Job two involved the lowering down of some fresh boards to rebuild the bomb proof shelter that protects the digger from falling debris in the shaft. After that there was a bit of shuffling of loose scaff tubes whilst we delayed the inevitable, we had to do some hauling. Whilst two isn’t an ideal number to haul with at least we had a better rope, or something.

After a few rounds of hauling Mark had an idea how we could make things harder. If we tied the haul rope into a loop we could always have one bucket going up the shaft, and so it began. As it turns out it was mostly a success bar two bucket incidents. One involved me throwing a bucket down the dumping slope and the other involved an empty one going down the shaft, hitting the bomb proof shelter.

We hauled for an amount of time/buckets until suddenly the bottom of the shaft was empty. This gave us a legitimate reason to retire to the pub and so we did.

Much plotting is afoot now, mostly involving how best to haul around the diagonal part of the shaft. We have several options in our heads but I think all of them will need more than 2 diggers to operate. We shall see!

TomTom xxx

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